Your Ghosts - Drypoint


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Warm black drypoint - Limited to 3 Copies. 150x195mm on 280x385 300g offwhite handmade paper.

Additional state proof prints in different Colorways available. Please contact me via email for more information.


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150x195mm on 280x385 300g offwhite handmade paper.


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Warm black (hand mixed) drypoint on 300g offwhite handmade paper. 

Limited to 3 Copies. (additional state proof prints exist). Every single print is unique and will slightly differ from the displayed print. Each Design is limited and comes, numbered, dated & signed.


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Drypoint is a printmaking technique of the intaglio family, in which an image is incised into a zink plate with a hard-pointed "needle" of sharp metal. The lines produced by printing a drypoint are formed by the burr thrown up at the edge of the incised lines, in addition to the depressions formed in the surface of the plate. A larger burr, formed by a steep angle of the tool, will hold a lot of ink, producing a characteristically soft, dense line that differentiates drypoint from other intaglio methods such as etching or engraving which produce a smooth, hard-edged line. The size or characteristics of the burr usually depend not on how much pressure is applied, but on the angle of the needle. 

Printing is essentially the same as for the other intaglio techniques, but extra care is taken to preserve the burr. After the image is finished, or at least ready to proof, the artist applies ink to the plate with a dauber. Too much pressure will flatten the burrs and ruin the image. Once the plate is completely covered with a thin layer, a tarlatan cloth is used to wipe away excess ink, and paper (typically pages from old phone books) may be used for a final wipe of the lightest areas of the image. Once the desired amount of ink is removed, the plate is run through an etching press along with a piece of dampened paper to produce a print.